Ouch, Anon

Please note that this Contact Form creates a "do not reply" message, and does not require that any/all of the fields be utilized in order to send a message to our Organizers. Please include an email address to receive a reply, or not to do so, in order to remain anonymous. Please leave as much detail about the nature of the "ouch," as per: what/where/when /why/how/who. I further encourage leaving recommendations for how the "oopser" orwe as a group might do better in the future, or what actions you would request be taken. Real talk: sometimes we can't "Oops/Ouch" in a group setting, or feel awkward having a direct conversation when we feel hurt, but we also can get no resolution for things left unsaid.

Please also note that any person that wants to have a facilitated conversation, in the model of transformative justice, towards the resolution of any type or severity of conflict, may request one, and it will be arranged , and consist of a mutually agreed upon facilitation team. We want to hear all that y'all have to say, and together negotiate and create a community in which we all may thrive.
Person being "Ouched," if Specific
Event/Meeting of Occurrence, if Specific
Details of Ouch and/or Suggested Actions
Nature of the Ouch