CommunityCave Speaks

***Check out these awesome personal statements from our members!!!***

Howdy! My name is Lee; I have been the Lead Organizer and Facilitator for over 5 years, since before changing our name from ManCave to CommunityCave Chicago! Over this long and beautiful run, I have been proud to witness and participate in our group's evolution from what can only be described as “a few dudes hanging out in a room together” to a thriving, safer space community group that is Mission and Value driven and is inclusive of our larger communities. I have formed some of my favorite friendships through CommunityCave, and our annual group camping trips are among the highlights of my summers. My favorite part of organizing is the opportunity it provides for me to foster the values that I feel are essential for good community building directly within and across my communities, such as eldership/mentorship, respect and appreciation for our differences, and a focus on intersectionality and accessibility. Won’t you join us?

Lee Andel Dewey

My name is Colton Seidman. I have been an active member for around 6 months. This group is important to me because it helps us get more involved with our community. Having support is very important and CommunityCave has gone above and beyond in facilitating that need. I've been to a number of different trans support groups in different states and this is by far the most supportive group that I have ever come across. We are non judgmental and provide a safe space so that your voice can be heard in a place that feels like home. I highly recommend ManCave to anyone that wants more support.

Colton Seidman

As a transman in this giant cis-world, I often feel like my experiences are not seen or talked about. That is why I think CommunityCave Chicago is so important. It is a place where I can go and talk about my life with a great group of folks that understand where I am coming from. This group has helped me grow so much. I really value the time spent with other transguys, it’s been super validating and makes me feel like part of a community. I love you, CCC!


My name's Sam and I've been coming to CommunityCave Chicago for about a year. It took me a long time to finally work up the courage to attend a meeting and I wish I would've worked up the courage sooner. I was worried about fitting in or being judged and wasn't sure if I was "trans enough." These are some of the most welcoming, inclusive folks I've ever met and I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I've connected over shared experiences no one outside of this group can relate to and have been able to hear inspiring perspectives and insights from members whose life experiences and identities differ from mine. CommunityCave Chicago has given me support, resources, and a sense of belonging that I didn't think possible when I came out as trans*. I'm so glad I finally found a group of people I can connect with.

 Sam Lenser